If you attended last’s year Tri-State Mini Maker Faire, you may well remember the magical, peaceful music that filled the Indian Mountain School’s Student Center throughout the day. The source of those soothing tones was a magical discovery too: they are recycled propane tanks, transformed through the careful labors of Thomas Parker and Harry Sano into beautiful, eight-note “Space Drums” of various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Thomas Keller shows a Faire-goer how to play his Space Drums.

Thomas Keller shows a Faire-goer how to play his Space Drums.

We’re pleased to share that Mr. Parker will be back with us with his collection of Space Drums: you can try your hand at playing them, and you can learn more about them and about his jewelry-making and silver-smithing on his website.

We’re also pleased to announce that Baxter Keller and Tim Jones of Volta Guitars will join us this year. They will be demonstrating the principles that go into designing and crafting a custom guitar–and showing off some of their custom electronic pedals! As a longtime guitarist myself, I’m always excited to see the work of a luthier up close: I hope you will be too!

A Guitarist in Action at Last Year's Faire.

Playing a Fluke Bass Ukelele at Last Year’s Faire.

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