Jessica Jane Russell has created a wonderful space for artistic expression in the Bantam Switch Factory. She’s bringing her love of sharing art on the road to this year’s Maker Faire. Jessica has a great workshop planned:

Playing With The Picture Plane
Artist David Hockney writes “The history of pictures begins in the caves and ends … with the computer screen.Who knows where it will go next? But one thing is certain, the challenge remains the same: how do you represent the three-dimensional work on a two-dimensional surface?” 
People are invited to paint using their own hand-mixed palette and a viewfinder, with nontoxic acrylic paint, directly onto clear plastic. They will partner up with a friend or fellow maker, to make a “tracing” of what they see. This workshop will give everyone an experience of collaboration, intimacy, painting, and visual illusions. Everyone will go home with their own “instant art” framed and ready for display!

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