What is a Maker Faire, you ask?

Created by Make Magazine, it is an event to “celebrate the arts, crafts, engineering, science projects, and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset”. Established in 2016, the Tri-State Mini Maker Faire has enthralled the minds of students and adults with the opportunity to see (and create!) with the makers.

The first Tri-State Mini Maker Faire was hosted at Indian Mountain School. The idea of a maker faire was established by Kitty Hickcox of the Indian Mountain School, Paul Depaolo, Jane Fitting, and Robert Hilliker from The Hotchkiss School. With the success of the initial maker faire, it moved to Hotchkiss for the next three years. If any school in the local tri-state area is interested in hosting next year, just let us know.

This year, the Tri-State Mini Maker Faire will be held at Hotchkiss, on Sunday, April 7th. Plan on registering and enjoying the day learning and creating with the makers! Click the blue box above, to register for this free event.

As for this year’s news stories, my name is Victoria Herow and I’ll be writing the posts. I’m the Access Services Librarian at The Edsel Ford Memorial Library, on the Hotchkiss campus. Also contributing to the news posts, will be Erikka Adams, our Emerging Technology Librarian, Kelly Whelan, our Faculty Services Librarian, and Robert Hilliker, our Director of the Library.


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