The nearest store is located at 11 Farnum Road in Lakeville, Connecticut

Level: Co-Sponsor


With six locations around area, Herrington’s has been operating since the late 1860s. What started as a local store in Hillsdale, New York, where coal, lumber, and feed were sold, has expanded to a chain of stores that design kitchens and bathrooms, sells masonry, and hardware.

Herrington’s has long donated to the community in a variety of ways. In addition to offering a military discount, the company has donated to the Columbia County Habitat for Humanity and to this year’s Maker Faire. Herrington’s looks to support events and organizations that have lasting community impact and strong ties to the tri-state area.  Decisions for Herrington’s community giving are decided by a committee that digs into the facts, the people, and the objectives asked of them.

This year, Herrington’s is a co-sponsor (one of two!), as they have made a generous financial donation for the Maker Faire. Their donation will make the tent and the tent heaters for the Faire’s outdoor ‘messy/take apart area’ possible.  

(soldering/take apart tent area last year)

Thank you again to Herrington’s for being a supporter of the Faire, but also as a supporter of this region.  Herrington’s is a great company to partner with, for long range and visionary ideas, of how to create and improve the opportunities for people in this area.


Herrington’s. http://herringtons.com/.

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