ARsome Technology


ARsome Technology looks to create experiences that are engaging and immersive. By working with Virtual Reality, ARsome collaborates with business and educational institutions to do so.  ARsome uses:

  • Storytelling to motivate and immerse the user in a message
  • Gamification to extend user engagement and connectivity time
  • Experimenting allows the user to experience your story.

On Sunday, April 7th, ARsome Technology will be at the Tri-State Maker Faire! Come and listen to their presentation of the future of gaming and Virtual Reality:

What if you could be on the basketball court, in the battlefield, or on the street, racing your favorite muscle car? Virtual reality is allowing gamers full immersion into their favorite gaming experience. Where will the gaming industry go, and how much traction is virtual reality making among gamers? ARsome Technology Group will present games, with VR capabilities that have taken the gaming industry by storm, and provide an analysis of where the industry is headed.

Make sure to register for the Tri-State Mini Maker Faire on Sunday, April 7th! Just click the big blue button above.

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