Applied Inspirations


What started as inquiries for help in making Surface Mount Device soldering easier, Applied Inspirations created their Hackbug Hex. They developed a kit with over 100 components when using simple circuits. Other customers reached out, looking for a kit that would allow them to understand basic electronics, which were needed to build the Hackbug Hex. 


From there, the LED-Scope Parts 1&2 were created, which allowed customers to learn through a curriculum or course. “Our kits TEACH while you have fun building a unique project” (Applied Inspirations, 2019).


Applied Inspirations travels all over the East Coast, visiting Maker Faires and other types of events. On Sunday, April 7th, Applied Inspirations will be here! Make sure to register for the Tri-State Mini Maker Faire by clicking the big blue button above.


See you on Sunday!

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