Sponsorship makes it happen at the Tri-State Mini Maker Faire!

The Tri-State Mini Maker Faire brings out the best in our community – Arts, Inventions, Crafts, Tinkerer-Makers, Food, Music – creative sparks will fly! Rather like a science fair-meets-home-workshop that embraces arts and music, Maker Faires include our entire community.

As a sponsor, you support innovation in our community, keeping the spark growing and spreading to make our economy stronger.

Bring your inner maker to The Hotchkiss School on Sunday, April 8th from 10 am to 3 pm and whistle while you play with hundreds of other like-minded inventors and creative minds. The Tri-State Mini Maker Faire is all under one roof this year – in the Griswold Science Center, home of Hotchkiss’ EFX Lab (Engineering, Fabrication, & Exploration)!

Please consider sponsoring this educational event.
Contact Rob Hilliker at The Hotchkiss School at (860) 435-3245. You may email me at: rhilliker@hotchkiss.org.

I look forward to talking with you. Your support means everyone gets to play – and invent for the strength of our common future!

Please consider your support for the Tri-State Mini Maker Faire with a pledge of $100, $250, $500 or $1,000.
We have some support for you in exchange for yours! In addition to placement of your logo and message on this site, we have space reserved for you at the Faire. We will determine the size of your table, message or presence appropriately.

Thank you!

Robert Hilliker
Project Manager for the
Tri-State Mini Maker Faire at Hotchkiss
(860) 435-3245
email: rhilliker@hotchkiss.org

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